The BOKO fabrics follow the modern fashion route ,several colors such as emerald, golden and Hermes-orange hue are fresh and bright as necessary colors in the new season. Common color mix always be blue and lemon-yellow, emerald and golden, Hermes-orange and brown, it will show people a visual feast. Designers made a large change on colors and pattens, and highlighted high-luminance color, for giving fashion motivation to fashionable fabrics and patterns. Geometrical, abstract element, irregular pattern and small texture will be one of the major trends in recent years.

The design inspiration comes from abstract geography, using impressionistic style instead of traditional patterns and simple tones, seek and grasp color changes in temperature and interaction. Catching objects accurately with a quick approach that seems simply to record the color effects on fabrics as a permanent image. You will see the disordered texture when stay closely, while finding the texture to get together when moving far away, the real effect is amazing.

The flagship products of BOKO, high density jacquard fabric, mixed the traditional element and modern element, and finally reflected the modern sense of the new charm, new concept and new process, it uses innovation and bold ideas to make the styles for young costumers accepting. High density jacquard fabric originated from Branded European company, they are mainly European-style and American-style at first. These years, more and more designers get rid of the heave quality of traditional American-style or Eupropean-Style by having opened up some high density jacquard fabrics with thiner modern style, and change the main consumer to 80s or 90s younger.

As a small product can be decorative and functional, clothes also called textiles, sometimes the requirement for decoration is more than its function, but the designation is still based on its function, and the inspiration always comes from all kinds of aspects in life.

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